Service Delivery Model

The law requires us to provide special education to students in the "least restrictive environment". Additionally, we are required to provide a "continuum of services" to students. This means that we need to make available a variety of options that individual students may need. Expressed visually, this looks like:

In Scottsbluff Public Schools, each school individualized programming delivered in a variety of methods. Students may receive support outside of the general education classroom for a period of time, or they may receive support through the resource teacher in the general education classroom. These decisions are made on an individual basis according to the student's needs. There is flexibility as to the length of time or intensity of support each student receives. 

In Scottsbluff Public Schools, we have flexibility in designing programs in order to meet the changing needs of our students. Decisions regarding placement in any program are made and reviewed at least annually on an individualized basis.